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KAPO Möbelwerkstätten GmbH manufactures and distributes high-quality furniture, upholstered furniture and accessories under the brand ‚Neue Wiener Werkstätte‘. The vision of ‚Neue Wiener Werkstätte‘ as a comprehensive furnishing company is to be quality leader in design, combined with high-quality craftsmanship in line with the philosophy of the historic Wiener Werkstätte. Following the tradition of values and objectives of the historic Wiener Werkstätte, Neue Wiener Werkstätte also instigates design initiatives. The objectives are combining high-quality craftsmanship with creativity in the production of contemporary, high-quality products in the field of furnishing.


With the NWW DESIGN AWARD, Neue Wiener Werkstätte has created an award for innovative interior design that in close co-operation with cultural and educational institutions, partners and the media searches for trends and creative potential. The new award in the field of fu nishing, with focus on the German-speaking region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), is a competition that aims at presenting interior design at a high level, irrespective of commercial purposes. At the same time, the award sees itself as a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge and as a productive meeting place for creative people, partners and companies. Each award has an overall theme. Through the partic pation of a keynote speaker, the thematic core issues are consolidated and reflected on.

Type of Competition

The competition will be held as an open competition every two years and will confer awards to the best designs on the theme of the year in a prize-giving ceremony. The ideas and works which are entered are published and stored in a design database with full reserve to the copyrights and personal rights. This will lead to a public‚ design think-tank archive‘ that fosters the exchange of theories between up-and-coming designers and which will support them.

Eligibility for Participation

All national and international full-time designers, architects, interior designers and students in the subject fields can participate either individually or in teams. The number of entries is limited to three designs per submitting person or team.

Excluded Persons

Excluded from participation are members of the panel of judges, the organisers and their employees as well as any person with family ties with, who are closely related to or have a relationship of dependency with the members of the panel of judges or the organiser.


Registrations can be made under www.nww-designaward.org. Each applicant subsequently has his login data and can then enter his work(s).

Entry Formalties

By participating, the applicant accepts, without reservation, the General Terms and Conditions of the NWW Design Award and agrees to the Conditions of Participation. The submitted work(s) is/are an independent creative achievement of the applicant – this includes drafts which in the course of the NWW Design Award have not being manufactured and commercially distributed yet and have not been published to a large extent either. Designs and conceptual designs may be entered in the form of renderings or photos and with the correctly completed online entry form. The entrant bears the entire risk of the correct transmission of the data. Additional data (videos, photos and similar) may be attached to the entry form in order to better illustrate the work(s). Any entry that does not comply with the formal rules and regulations, incomplete designs or designs that are transmitted outside the given deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Agreement to Publication

By participating, the entrants agree to the publication of their designs with full reserve to the copyrights and personal rights, e.g. in reports, publications, the think-tank or exhibitions in connection with the NWW Design Award. Subsequent deletions and changes of valid submissons are not possible after the deadline.

Participation Fees

Registration for and entries to the NWW Design Award are free of charge. No participation fees will be charged.

Deadline for Entries

The submissions for the NWW Design Award 2017 must arrive from June 2016 till July 31st, 2017 at 11.59pm. Drafts that come in later as well as additional changes cannot be taken into account.

Panel of Judges

All submitted works will be evaluated by an independent, international panel of expert judges coming from the fields of design, culture, media, colleges and business. The composition of the panel will be published before the end of the deadline for entries under www.nww-designaward.org. The decisions of the panel of judges are final and may not be challenged.

Evaluation Process

At the end of the submission period, all correctly entered designs are evaluated by each member of the panel of judges on the online platform by means of a points system. The focus will lie on evaluation criteria. The evaluation by points will result in a shortlist of the best entries. In addition, persons on Facebook may ‚like‘ their favourite designs. The design with the most ‚likes‘ will be included in the shortlist as the audience‘s favourite. The designs on the short list are assessed in a joint meeting of all members of the panel of judges and the three best entries are then nominated. Minutes of the meeting of the panel will be prepared and made available on request to the participants after the prize-giving ceremony.

Evaluation Criteria

-     Consideration of the theme
-     Feasibility of the design
-     Design quality
-     Details of craftsmanship
-     Choice of materials
-     Sustainability


Prize-Giving Ceremony

The official announcement of the winners will take place within the festive award-presentation in autumn 2017. The location and date of the event, all entries and the nominees will be publised in time. The winning designs will be published on www.nww-designaward.org after the prize-giving ceremony.


The NWW Design Award consists of a trophy given to the three highest-placed entrants. The winning design (the first of the highest-placed entrants) will be awarded prize money of EUR 5,000. In the event that the winner studies one of the subject matters at a design/architecture college, he/she will receive a winner‘s bonus of EUR 2,000. In addition, the designs of each of the three highestplaced entrants will be produced in two prototypes by Neue Wiener Werkstätte in co-operation with the designer, provided this is technically feasible. One prototype will become the property of the entrant and the second prototype remains the property of the organiser. The entries will be published on the NWW Design Award website and presented at later exhibitions of the NWW Design Award should they take place.

Legal Information and Exploitation Rights

By registering for the competition, the entrant confirms that he/she is the owner of the intellectual and publishing rights of the works entered and declares that by entering and publishing the works, no rights of third parties are infringed and that the works do not contravene good taste.

The entrant commits to holding the organiser free of any claims by third parties that they may raise against the organiser on the basis of claimed or actual infringement of laws in connection with the entered works. He/She agrees to bear all costs, if any, incurred by the organiser for any legal defence including all court and lawyers‘ fees as foreseen in law.

The entrant recognises that the organiser and his partners accept no duty of care whatsoever towards the entered works, nor any liability for damage to the entered objects or damage caused by entering the objects.

The entrant concedes to the organiser the free right of use and enjoyment, without limitation as regards time, location or content of all entered works and documents (photos, renderings, drafts, texts etc.). This includes, without limitation: publications on website, publications, exhibitions, printmedia, Think-Tank etc.

The intellectual property, copyright and exploitation right which is accompanied by the entry remain with the designer.

In the event that a small series or series of the entered and/or award winning works is produced, a separate agreement based on a standard commission agreement (concession agreement) will be entered into between the organiser and the entrant in each case.

The participation in this competition is not connected with any legal entitlement. By registering or entering, the participants agree to these General Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of Participation of the NWW Design Award.

The winner is entitled to use the NWW Design Award and/or the NWW Design Award logo in connection with advertising the works that have actually won the award.

In the event that the winner uses the award or the logo in connection with works that have not received the award, he commits to pay a penalty to the amount of EUR 5,000 to the organiser for each such case and abstains from asserting the judiciary right of mitigation. Any penalties will be exclusively used for financing the NWW Design Awards.


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