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Who organises the NWW Design Award?

Neue Wiener Werkstätte (KAPO Möbelwerkstätten GmbH) is a company owned by the same family for the fourth generation and specialises, since 1927, in the production of high-quality furniture and upholstered furniture in co-operation with international designers. Many national and international references bear witness to decades of tradition, craftsmanship at the highest level and outstanding, timeless design. www.neuewienerwerkstaette.com

Who can i contact if I have further questions?

All information and news you can find on www.nww-designaward.org.
If you have further questions, you can contact the team of the NWW Design Award:

KAPO Möbelwerkstätten GmbH
Neue Wiener Werkstätte
Hambuchen 478
A-8225 Pöllau
Viktoria Thaller
Mobile: +43 664 811 08 89

Karin Polzhofer
Mobile: +43 664 123 58 35


What is the NWW Design Award?

With the NWW DESIGN AWARD, Neue Wiener Werkstätte has created an award for innovative interior design that seeks trends and creative potential in close co-operation with cultural and educational institutions, partners and the media.

What is the objective of this award?

For Neue Wiener Werkstätte, the aim, that of continuing the philosophy of the historic Wiener Werkstätte, implies starting design initiatives and strengthening the close relationship between tradition, craftsmanship and design. For this purpose, the NWW Design Award has been created. The prize establishes a new design award for interior design in the German-speaking region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland). It will present interior design at a high level, irrespective of commercial purposes, and aims at consolidating Austria's position as a country of design. At the same time, the new award sees itself as a platform for up-and-coming designers, for the exchange of ideas and knowledge and as a productive meeting place for creative people, partners and companies.

Is there a theme connected to the award?

The NWW Design Award will be conferred every two years, for the first time in 2012. Each award has a separate, predominant theme. Through the participation of a keynote speaker, the thematic core issues are consolidated and reflected on.

Who may participate in the award/who may enter projects?

All national and international full-time designers, architects, interior designers and students in the subject fields can participate either individually or in teams. The number of entries is limited to three designs per entrant or team.

Does the participation in the award involve costs?

Registration for and entries to the NWW Design Award 2014 is free of charge. This means that entrants are not required to pay a participation fee.

Where can I register?

Prior to entering projects, you must register online on www.nww-designaward.org. Then you can enter your sketches, drafts and conceptual designs of furniture and upholstered furniture, but also animations and videos, together with a correctly completed online form, provided it is within the submission period. Any entry that does not comply with the formal rules and regulations or incomplete designs or designs that are transmitted outside the given deadline will not be taken into consideration.

What are the evaluation criteria for my entry?

After the end of the submission period, the entries are published on the homepage and are then evaluated by a panel of judges through a point system. In addition to the specific theme, focus lies on the following evaluation criteria:

-    Considerdation of the theme
-    Feasibility of the design
-    Design quality
-    Details of craftsmanship
-    Choice of materials
-    Sustainability

Who evaluates my entry?

All correctly entered designs will be published on the homepage at the end of the submission period and evaluated by an independent panel of judges through a point system. The evaluation by points will result in a list of the five best designs. Interested persons may also 'like' their favourites on Facebook. The design with the most 'likes' will be included as the audience vote in the list of the best designs. The best designs, together with the audience's favourite, will be reviewed by the panel of judges, who will then nominate the winner before the prize-giving ceremony.

Who sits on the panel of judges?

The independent, international panel of judges is composed of experts from the areas of design, culture, media, colleges and business. The members of the panel for each award can be found on the homepage on www.nww-designaward.org.

Where will the winner be announced?

The official announcement of the award winners takes place at the prize-giving ceremony. The location and date of the event will be published in time on the website of the NWW Design Award. All entries, the nominees and the winning designs will be published on www.nww-designaward.org after the prize-giving ceremony.

What does the prize consist of?

The NWW Design Award consists of trophies awarded to the first three winners. The winning design is endowed with prize money amounting to EUR 5,000.
If the winner is a college student, he will receive a bonus amounting to EUR 2,000. In addition, the first three winning designs will be realised as prototypes by Neue Wiener Werkstätte, the designer will receive one of them and the other one remains the property of Neue Wiener Werkstätte.
The entries will be published on the NWW Design Award website and presented in general publications or later at travelling exhibitions relating to the NWW Design Award.


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