The New Hospitality - How furniture supports us in the art of hosting


The way we live has changed fundamentally in recent years: we have moved away from rigid resumes towards individual biographical phases. Where there were formerly clear boundaries drawn, for example between our work and recreation or living and travel, today these lines have faded from recognition. Project-related work relationships at various places in the world have become the norm and life-phase partners instead of lifelong partnerships have resulted in patchwork-families.

We are in motion and more complex than ever before, both real and digitally. The flip side of all of this is the arrival. This arrival is more important than ever, not just as it concerns punctuality, but rather, more precisely, the why of it all. It is for this reason that an old tradition will assume a new significance in our “to-go” society: hosting. We call it the “The New Hospitality”.


The New Hospitality” would like to make life together possible – in all of its many facets whether spontaneous visits or planned overnight stays. It should provide space for encounters, but also allow for enough privacy. It should make it a joy to receive guests so that they feel at home and like to stay.  To restore strength, before things take off again. 

Furnishings can support this. This is why we have searched for furniture which offers practical help for stowing, attaching, changing, personalised moving, folding-up or working for this year’s “NWW Design Award. Furniture that helps to accommodate every patchwork situation for which not only more, but also different space is needed. The ability to celebrate international friendships in an urban single-apartment with “small space solutions” or when a foreign work colleague is staying overnight in the guest room and would like to quickly go through tomorrow’s presentation before going to bed. Furniture that, at the same time, can satisfy the demanding aesthetic of the world traveller.

We are excited to see all of the submissions under the motto “Arriving and Being There” which offer a personal stage for many lifestyles and the moment – in keeping with the “New Hospitality” – in which they are uniquely matched to every individual.

by Christiane Varga, Vienna



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