Date of submission: Jul 31, 2017


Whether for spontaneous visits as side or coffee table, as additional seat, or to offer comfort by using the lower module to relax the legs and the upper module as cushion for the back, Alf can be used according to individual needs .


With Alf, also little working activities with the lapto can be done, while the upper elements serve as a padded laptop tray.


Designer: Lena Plaschke

 Nach meinem Abschluss mit dem Bachelor of Arts an der Münster School of Design, habe ich ein Praktikum in einem Mailänder Designstudio absolviert.Zur Zeit studiere ich den Masterstudiengang 'Product Design for Innovation' and der Politecnico di Milano.  

Designer: Massimo Minchio

 After I graduated in Industrial Design at I.U.A.V. University of Venice, I moved to Milan where I am working as a Product Designer. Since 2016, I am collaborating on various projects with Lena Plaschke. 


31.7.2017 23:59