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Erwin Wurm in the jury

Jun 3, 2014

The Austrian sculptor and artist Erwin Wurm takes over the chairmanship of the jury for the NWW Design Award 2014. Erwin Wurm, who was distinguished with the Grand Austrian State Prize, is one of the most influential artists of contemporary art. Mostly his works are inspired by everyday things and topics. In his most series „One Minute Sculptures“ usual persons turn into animated artworks. It is about the connection between sculpture and banality, the reproducibility of abstract sculptures. Erwin Wurm is also interested in changing the benchmark of ordinary things: Status symbols like cars or houses are getting fat (his Fat-Sculptures). With sculptured objects, Wurm shows the banal reality. For him, the humankind with its uniqueness is an important benchmark. „Every cucumber is individual and different, but however, also recognizable as a cucumber and assignable to an entity…similar to humans.“, says Erwin Wurm.
Submissions until 1st of August, 2014


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