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Opening Vienna

Dec 19, 2013

The exhibition about the best submissions of the NWW Design Award 2012 can be visited until 28th March, 2014 in the designforum Vienna (MQ).

The exhibition was opened on 21st January, 2014 by designaustria-CEO Severin Filek, Neue Wiener Werkstaette and Harry Gatterer from Zukunftsinstitut Vienna. Gatterer presented the theme of the Award 2014: Antifragility – to gain from use, not detoriate by use: „Fragile describes not only objects that easily break, but also systems that man develops, such as health and education systems or the economy. In an environment that is becoming increasingly unpredictable, the installtion of antifragile systems are necessary - systems which learn, grow and getting better with their crisis and changes. This raises the question: does this concept of antifragility also apply to everyday objects, like furniture? We believe it does!“

The exhibition in Vienna shows the the „Best Of“ of the NWW Design Award: The three winning projects out of 297 submissions coming from 20 countries, excerpts concerning „Meta-Mobility“, and informations about the jury and the trophy.

More pictures under www.facebook.com/neuewienerwerkstaette
More information about the award under www.nww-designaward.org


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