NomAd table AP

Einreichdatum: 26.06.2014

The tabletop is composed of three light wooden leaves. Leaves are coated with oak veneer. In the tabletop, circles are milled out for assembly of four aluminum top plates. The aluminum top plates are aligned with the surface of the tabletop. The entire tabletop is turned upsidedown and the table legs, the supportplates are mounted to the aluminum upperplate. By tightening topplate and supportplate together, the three leaves are fixed together as one tabletop. By using this system, assembly and transport of large tables becomes easy.

Designer: Jan Goderis

Jan Goderis was born in 1966, Ghent, Belgium. He graduated from Interior Design at Saint-Lucas, Art and Architecture college in Ghent, Belgium. During his professional carrier he continues to further the boundaries in designing  interior architecture and furniture design in various projects from private to public procurement and restorations of listed monuments. During the developing process of projects, there are always many new ideas for furniture and object designs and over the past 23 years he has been keeping a sketch diary with impressions for furniture designs. The skills obtained during the various projects are put to use in the past  three years while materializing designs from the diaries. The partly switch of skills and thinking from architecture and interior design has been smooth and continues to open new doors. Designing furniture and objects, the foundation subject of Jan’s studies has been boosted in recent years and aims to contacts with the design industry. Interior and furniture design are now the main focus of his work.  The continuous learning and developing of skills are what drives Jan onwards in his career. Coupled with the 23 years of experience and creativity, there is a unlimited pursuit and challenge to design furniture and objects.


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