Einreichdatum: 02.04.2014

Growing Older: We will all get older and more fragile. Our furniture should grow with us. A simple stool, or a side table that can be transformed at will, into a useful tool for young and old alike.

Putting shoes on involves stretching, and arching of the spine. This gets harder with age. Yet, there is no furniture for this daily task

New typology: Manolo is a new typology intended to serve the specific need of sitting comfortably whilst cleaning, or putting ones shoes on. A footrest raises the foot to a comfortable height, alleviating the pressure on the spine.



Designer: charles o. job

Charles O. Job was born in Nigeria. Studied Architecture in Great Britain, and lives in Zürich.  His design studio specializes in Architecture and Product design. I teach Architectural design theory at the Berner Fachhochschule, BFH-AHB in Burgdorf.  


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