I'm Where I Live

Einreichdatum: 10.04.2012

In the heart of the Messapic civilisation of the lower Salento region, the ancient village of Muro Leccese witnesses the novel encounter between aesthetics, technology, green housing and relax. This is the idea behind “I’m Where I Live”, a space created that constitutes a unique journey into a new eclectic and refined living concept. Operational and intimate, in the style on the traditional workshop-houses of the Mediterranean region, the project is an uncompromising expression of design and architecture, an essential connotation that forges its visual identity. The culture of design meets the young “culture” of the new sustainable building concept – this, in essence, is the mission defining “I’m Where I Live”. A modern building constructed with eco-friendly plaster and filled with design objects, yet its restructuring was aimed at evoking the “Saracen Tower” model – a crucial component of the architectural heritage of the Salento region.The project goes beyond the traditional idea of a home: an old building with inconspicuous lines was completely transformed into a designer villa-studio. The original space was enlarged and reveals the decisive influence of interior design and architecture in defining the owner’s personal touch.

Designer: Emanuele Spano

EchoVisions, art natural intelligence


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